About Us

Dare to spice up your foreplay and make your love life wildly vivid.

At Black Alice Lingerie, we know you are the kind of people who want to be energized and happy throughout your busy days, confident and passionate in the nights. To be that way, you need to work together with your partner. Surprise each other, talk about your desires and fantasies, experiment with spicing up your foreplay and settings, try new poses, accessories and sex toys.

The problem is we’re all stressed out by dull daily humdrum and have no energy left for the love life. We believe everyone deserves enjoying, passionate and colourful relationships. We understand how it feels to have the same old routine in the bedroom, dull, ordinary foreplay, and unsatisfied desires for months in a row. How dreadful it is to wish for something so close and alluring but still far away. That’s why we carefully selected a fantastic collection of excellent, high-quality lingerie, accessories and sex toys. We continuously search for new items from designers throughout Europe and the United States. Here’s our recipe for a passionate and fulfilling love life:

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